Message from The President Director of PT Pos Indonesia

In 2017 is the 271st anniversary of Indonesia Post. In celebration of it, Indonesia Post, Indonesia Philatelic Association and Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia jointly host the BANDUNG 2017 World Stamp Exhibition.
Indonesia is widely known for its natural beauty, thousands of flora and fauna, incredible art and cultural heritage which you could find almost everywhere in the country territory. All of these blessings have been the subject of our stamp issues ever since the establishment of this country.
The Postal service history begin in colonial Dutch East Indies, where the postal service was provided by the Post- Telegraaf- en Telefoondienst (PTT; Post, Telegraph, and Telephone Service), the first Post Office build in Jakarta in 26 August 1746. On 27 September 1945, following the proclamation of Indonesia’s independence, the central PTT office in Bandung was seized from occupying Japanese forces. It became a state-owned company in 1961 and then split in 1965 to form two separate companies, one providing telecommunication services and the other mail and giro. The new mail services company was reorganized in 1978. A government decree came into effect on 6 June 1995 to create the current Pos Indonesia where the Head Quarter located in Bandung.
Stamp, to this end, function as “Paper Ambassador” representing the identity of a sovereign nation. There are quite many subjects that stamps could represent.
BANDUNG 2017 offers an excellent exchange platform for stamp collectors worldwide, where people can share their philately experience. I would like to be on behalf of the Indonesia Post to welcome all philately fans for attending the event in Bandung.
Thank you, see you in Bandung


Gilarsi Wahjoe Setijono
President Director of Pos Indonesia