About Indonesian Philatelists Association

In Indonesia history, first philatelists association or club first establised was “Postzegel Verzamelaar Club of Batavia,” in Batavia dated March 29, 1922 which latter became the forerunner of the Indonesian Philatelists Association (IPA).
Indonesian Philatelists Association (IPA) and is international tribute as the follow :
  1. Indonesian Philatelists Association (IPA) is the umbrella organization in Indonesia philatelists, non-profit and non-political, aims to promote philately national in the sense widest breadth once helped in the development of Indonesian human personality, character and virtuous, as well as promoting friendship among philatelists around the world.
  2. Its staff consists of three levels: the Central Board (the national level), Regional Board (provincial) and Branch Executive (district / city). In the shelter Branch Executive club: Philately club.
  3. IPA as a federation of philatelist in Indonesia, since 1969 became a member of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP), the world philatelic organization based in Switzerland and became a member of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) Asia Pacific continental federation based in Singapore since 1974, even listed as one of the founding country of FIAP (Federation Inter-Asian Philately) with several other Asian countries.
  4. In international philatelic activities, Indonesia had been recognized by FIP and FIAP as one of the countries which is very active in various philatelic activities, regular participant in almost all international and world exhibitions as well as having outstanding philatelists.
    1. Always follow the exhibition/ competition philatelic both Asia International Stamp Exhibition and World Stamp Exhibition. Since 1991 up to December 2015, more than 49 exhibitions / competitions were held in 28 countries across Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa.
    2. With support from the government through Directorate General of Post and Information Technology and PT Pos Indonesia, IPA had successfully organized 6 exhibitions, namely:
      – INDOPEX 93 in Surabaya (the 6th FIAP Exhibition)
      – JAKARTA 95 in Jakarta (the 8th FIAP Exhibition)
      – INDONESIA 96 in Bandung (the World Youth Philately Exhibition)
      – JAKARTA, 2008 in Jakarta (the 22nd FIAP Exhibition)
      – INDONESIA 2012 in Jakarta (The World Stamp Championship)
      РFOUR-NATION 2014 in Bandung (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and  Thailand)
    3. Of the participation in 49 different exhibitions/ competitions Asia International Stamp Exhibition and World Stamp Exhibition between the period 1995 to 2015 the philatelists in Indonesia have collected 463 medals: 2 Large Gold medals, 25 Gold medals, 78 Large Vermeil medals, 101 Vermeil medals, 97 Large Silver medals, 69 Silver medals, 57 Silver Bronze medals and 34 Bronze medals.
    4. IPA had been almost never absent in participating in international forums such as the Congress, EXCO Meeting and other meetings organized by FIAP and FIP.
  5. The regular activities in the country which is organized every year by the IPA is the National Philatelic Exhibition ( Panfila ) that is actually a competition among philatelists, to select qualified exhibits to participate in the international and world exhibition. Since 1983 IPA had hold 24 national exhibitions (Panfila) event excluding the regional / local exhibition (Parfila).