Official Hotel

Ibis Trans Studio Bandung Hotel

[zoom_box image=”488″ content_image=”489″]Standard Room (18 sqm)[/zoom_box]
The optional official hotels within the Integrated Trans Studio Bandung complex are The Luxerious Trans Studio Hotel and Ibis Trans Studio Bandung Hotel with 900 rooms to offer.

The Trans Luxury Hotel (Optional Upgrade)

[zoom_box image=”499″ content_image=”499″ bg_color=”#000000″]Premier Room (40 sqm)[/zoom_box]
[zoom_box image=”500″ content_image=”500″]Premier Club Room (40 sqm)[/zoom_box]
[zoom_box image=”503″ content_image=”503″]Celebrity Suite (90 sqm)[/zoom_box]
[zoom_box image=”504″ content_image=”504″]Presidental Suite (270 sqm)